Imagine Creativity Home School

Lifestyle Choices

  1. Sleep

Learning at this level is deeply engaging for the child and requires a lot of energy. You will notice that your child will require more sleep if they are engaged creatively every day. A half hour afternoon sleep is good for the heart and mind. If they don’t want to sleep, have them lie down and close their eyes for half an hour.

  1. Food

Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit. Eggs, whole wheat toast. French toast. Omelette with vegetables. Lunch: Salads, whole wheat bread, yogurt with fruit. Vegetables. 

  1. Electronics

If you can accomplish it, there is no need for any TV, phones, or any electronics in this age group 0 to 7. Listening to music is the one exception but live music is the best even if it is very simple. Any play activity is better than screens, phones, computer games etc. Imaginative play is the best, it creates the opportunity to learn social skills, negotiate, work out conflict, build physically, problem solving, humor and enjoyment of life. Without play the imagination can’t develop, the ambition is slowed down and the sleep is not deep enough. If possible half the day can be left to free play at this age. Screens have almost no learning value, lead to social isolation and are too passive.