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Add your Religion or Culture to the Curriculum

This curriculum works better if you can integrate it into your families belief system, culture and language. Most cultures have connections that go far back into history with many stories, myths, legends etc. See if you can find these. They are a rich source for the imagination, contain all the lessons for life and are richer in content than any TV show or Disney movie. Disney takes almost all of their content from these myths and legends, mostly from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. But the spoken words from a parent telling one of these stories in your own language is the best.

Invite grandparents to tell stories.

Tell stories from religious texts. The Old Testament is one interesting story after another and is part of Western Culture. But every religion contains many stories that are rich in content and stimulate the imagination. 

Add these stories before art lessons. Combine a story or religious verse with a set of body movements that represent the story. In a way, the story is acted out with hand and body gestures. 

Try not to talk about the meaning of the story. This makes it more difficult for the inner self to its own path and stops the creative process. The story is powerful enough to bring out the meaning. 

Try to avoid TV, phone games and other media screens. None of them are able to reach the subconscious level with the right messages in the aesthetic form that is most nourishing to help overall development.

Imagine if we all spent a year living in a different part of the world, in a different culture and knew that language? It’s not possible but we can read these stories to our children and from that, a door is opened and light comes in. 

Link to Curriculum Outline.

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