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About The Author

Dr. Steve Olsen

As a child from 4 to 9 years old in South Africa, and grade 11 in England, I attended a Waldorf School. This curriculum has a strong creative element and I remember almost everything about it. My mother was a Waldorf School kindergarten teacher and she has helped me with the curriculum I have written here.
The main focus in my life has been that of a homeopathic and naturopathic doctor. I have one daughter and live in Washington State.

Without the development of the mind, emotions and physical body all balanced, a person cannot reach their potential in life to find a career, create a family or find happiness in some areas of life. When I treat people I have to determine how this development has been broken because without all the parts working well together we can’t stay healthy.

It makes sense then that I am interested in education because it is the environmental side of the equation, we all need a very positive environment in which to develop, with the best activities to give us the best chance to learn and succeed in life. Homeopathy is the other side of the equation, it provides the structure of the inner self to receive the positives from the environment. For example if the structure is extremely strong, then even with a very negative environment and a poor education the person will most likely succeed by only having to meet one good person to mentor them at any point in their life. The opposite is true as well. If the inner structure is very weak or broken, then even a very positive environment and best creative education will fail. Because you can’t pour good water into a broken pitcher, it will just flow out again. For education to work, we all need a strong inner structure and an education system that allows a child to be creative and to enjoy learning. The results from this are endless, bring fulfillment and are shockingly wonderful to see because they bring us all closer to solving the social, political, economic, and environmental problems of our present world.

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